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2024 Host Program and Application

Flowerpot Island Host Program

Host Program Application


Thank you for your interest in the Flowerpot Island Host Program!  Unlike regular cottage renting, the Host Program is a working vacation where participants are the representative faces of both Parks Canada and the Friends of the Bruce District Parks. As such, there are a range of tasks Hosts are expected to carry out during their stay. These include but are not limited to greeting visitors, managing the retail store, maintenance of the lighthouse buildings and surrounding property and providing information to the public.  A wave to the boats of the day as they come around past the lightstation is fun for Hosts and boat passengers alike!

The Host Group Leader applying for The Lighthouse Keeper Host Program must be a member in good standing of The Friends of the Bruce District Parks and must agree to take responsibility for all guests their host group. There are a few qualifying questions in the application form that, unless specifically referring to the Host Group Leader, should be considered to refer to all members of the host group. If you are not a member for the 2024 calendar year, Click here now to complete your membership application.

The first unique feature of a Flowerpot stay is that you will need to bring the majority of supplies you will need and carry them across the island. This includes your own pillowcases and sheets or sleeping bags, towels, food and any other items you might want. Flowerpot Island is a “pack-in, pack-out” destination.  As such, garbage must be taken back to Tobermory at the end of your stay.  

Dishes, cutlery, pots and pans plus basic cleaning supplies, toilet paper and garbage bags are on site. There is a solar refrigeration unit and a propane stove in the Host House. A propane BBQ and a solar oven are stored in the Cookhouse shed for outdoors cooking. Propane and drinking water are provided. A power source for charging personal items is available but should be considered “only as needed” so that the systems are able to maintain the water pump and other critical functions. Please follow posted Grey Bruce Health Unit “good practice” cleaning guidelines at the end of your stay (a copy of which is included in the Host Book). Well behaved dogs must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.

The retail operations and the Museum are expected to be open and ready for visitors from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm daily depending on tour boat schedules.  At least two members of the Host Group must be available onsite during these hours and, as Island Ambassadors, Hosts should be visible, available, cheerful and welcoming! Identification pins or lanyards are available indicating you are hosts, and should be worn during open hours.

Hosts are responsible for their OWN boat fare and take a boat from Tobermory to Flowerpot Island. Book early.  There are two tour boat operators in Tobermory that have regularly scheduled trips to and from Tobermory and Flowerpot Island. Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive more particulars.

 Luggage and supplies must be carried from where the tour boat docks to the LightStation. The tour boat docks at Beachy Cove. From Beachy Cove it is a 25-minute walk. The trail can be rough in some places with several up-hill sections and all supplies and luggage must be hand carried in and out by YOU, so limit what you bring.

  • On the day your stay begins it is important that you arrive aboard the first boat from Tobermory. Please check with your tour boat company’s schedule one day prior to your arrival as they often add extra/earlier trips on busy days. On the day of your departure from the island, plan on not leaving before the second boat.
  • Hosts must be flexible, as tour boats may cancel trips or whole days depending on the weather and winds. This may delay or prolong your stay on the island, i.e., you may not get out to the island on the day you planned and/or you may not get back from the island on the day you planned. Otherwise, hosts must go out to the island on their stated start date and leave the island on the date of your stated departure. 
  • Do not assume that because you think it is windy, that the boats won’t be running. You must be packed up and ready to leave on your assigned date, unless you have CONFIRMED that BOTH tour boat companies have canceled ALL their scheduled boat trips for that day. 
  • The incoming hosts expect that the Host House is ready and available upon their arrival. There are no refunds of host fees unless tour boats do not operate on all the days of your booked host stay.  
  • Membership dues are non-refundable, and the Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper Host Stays are not transferable.
  • The number of people in each host group is limited to 6. 
  • A Host Book is available at the Host House with all the information you need to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • Each member of a Host Group must return a completed /signed copy of the Waiver and Release of Liability. Click here for the Waiver. It can be printed off, signed, and must be submitted by mail or email at the time of acceptance of your application.

Checklist before applying to be a volunteer host:

To be eligible to apply to be a volunteer host, the Host Group Leader (Applicant) must be a member in good standing of The Friends of Bruce District Parks Association. Click here to apply for membership. As the Host Group Leader (Applicant), you are responsible for ensuring Host Fees are paid, Liability Waivers are signed and returned by each member of the group and for each group member’s conduct and behaviour.
Can your group carry all items & food needed for a 3 day stay from the dock to the Lightstation?
If need be, is your group prepared to cook outside using the cooking items in the Cookhouse? 
Can you live without electricity with solar-charged lights or flashlights?
Can your group manage with little to no cell phone coverage or internet? (cell phone coverage at Beachy Cove)
Are you prepared for the possibility of cold days and nights with no heat in the houses?
Are you flexible should the weather cause the tour boats to not operate, either delaying or prolonging your stay on the island?
Can your group welcome many visitors throughout the day, (can be hundreds at busy times), manage the store and Museum from 9:30 to 6:30, and answer many questions?
We suggest you visit Flowerpot Island before applying to the Host Program!


MAXIMUM 6 people.

For safety concerns children under the age of six may not stay overnight at the Lightstation.

The Host Group Leader (Applicant) must be a member of The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Association to apply to the program. Click here to apply for membership.

A three-night stay for up to 4 people = $250.00.

There is a $ 60.00 charge for each extra person

Total inc. HST = $282.50/per 3 nights

Total inc. HST = 67.80/per 3 nights

To apply, please fill out and electronically submit the 2024 Host Application below. Please indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of dates to Host. Do not mail or deliver an Application, only those received electronically will be processed.

Please note, you may not get your preferred dates as the program is designed to provide full, onsite Host coverage for the entire season, while accommodating as many interested host groups as possible.

Successful Applicants will be contacted by email mid to late April 2024. Host fees are due upon

acceptance as Hosts, and the amount of your fees will be indicated, and payable by logging back into the website, and making the applicable payment.

Thank you for your interest in being a Flowerpot Island Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper

Questions about Host Program? Email:

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Flowerpot Lightkeeper Host Application 2024

Name of Host Group Team Leader/Applicant(Required)
Age Confirmation(Required)

List of Host Group Members

Note: The Host Group Leader/Applicant must be a member in good standing to APPLY to the Host.

Program : If you are not currently a member, click here to apply for membership. Once you have confirmation that your membership has been accepted you can apply to the Host Program.
ie. languages spoken, medical expertise, education, historians, handyperson skills, etc. We are interested in what areas you would like to help with or contribute to, either during your Host Stay or an ongoing volunteer basis. Some examples might be Maintenance, Gardening, Museum Tours, Painting, Retail Inventory, Orchid Festival, Future Planning, etc. Please rank in order of your preferences, and if no preference, please confirm.
I agree that I have reviewed the full Privacy Policy and consent on behalf of all my host group members to the disclosure of private information as outlined therein. Click here to see the full Privacy Policy.
Date Selection for the Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper Host Program - 2024