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The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Privacy Policy


The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Association is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy as well as the privacy of our employees, Hosts, Members, Volunteers, suppliers and other users of this website. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep your personal information confidential, secure and private, subject to our use of the information set out below.

The information we collect is personal information that you are agreeing to provide, either as a Member, a Donor, a Volunteer or a Host. Information includes full names, addresses, email addresses, payment methods, and if a Host, the information contained in the Host Application form.

Personal information on Members and Donors may be disclosed to comply with regulatory requirements, including those of CRA, in order for Friends to maintain its charitable status. Personal information on Hosts and Volunteers may be disclosed to Parks Canada, tour boat operators, first responders, and other authorities on a need to know basis, primarily to ensure the safety of Hosts and Volunteers.

Personal information will be retained as required by law and by CRA. We will not sell or lend your personal information to anyone not connected with Bruce Peninsula National Park or Fathom Five National Marine Park.

We have retained a service provider to control this website on our behalf, and they have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information collected is stored securely on their system, and only available to us.  Although every effort is made to safeguard your personal information, it is impossible to guarantee its total protection, and you are aware that providing personal information is done at your own risk.

This privacy statement applies only to The Friends of the Bruce District Parks Association, and not to any other organizations or websites, including those of Parks Canada. Our site may contain links to other sites, for which we are not responsible.

By applying for Membership, making a donation, applying as a Host, or acting as a Volunteer, you are consenting to the terms of this privacy statement.